Here is a  list of Beachbody workout programs to choose from that are perfect for someone with only a little bit of time to workout, fast paced workouts like 10 Minute trainer to intense fat destroying workouts like Focus T25 and P90x3. The program’s are listed from easist to hardest (depending on your physical capabilities that is.). Below there are videos and pictures for each workout, as well as links to their product page.

Workouts under 30 minutes:

10 Minute Trainer – Various 10 minute exercises, adjustable intensity

10 minute trainer before and after

Order: 10 Minute Trainer  / 10 Minute Trainer Challenge Pack


Focus T-25 – 25minutes of high intensity focused cardio training with minor weight lifting

Focus T25 Before and Afters

Order: Focus T25  /  Focus T25 Challenge Pack 


P90x3 – 30 minute condensed version of P90x. Muscle Building, Fat burning, pullup bar or door attachable bands recommended.

p90x3 before and after


Order: P90x3 / P90x3 Challenge Pack / P90x3 Deluxe


Challenge Pack also includes:
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More information on Shakeology can be found  Here and Here

If you want to see the full list of available Beachbody workouts visit the workout selector