I got some Briskbars over the week to sample and review, and much to my surprise they were pretty good! This energy bar comes in at a nice 100calories, with about 4 grams of sugar and 6 grams fat and 5 grams of protein. A 70% dark chocolate bar topped with coconut shavings.


This vegan designed energy bar has a host of delicious ingredients such as maca, guarana, pea protein and dark chocolate to bring about a very deep flavor. Keep in mind these Briskbars come in at 70% dark chocolate, so they may be a bit bitter to someone who isn’t used to them but after eating one or two you will become quickly accustomed to the dark chocolate. They are a semi-soft chew-able bar so no worry about a crumb-splosion like you would with a granola bar.

Briskbars top

I personally found myself using the bars in two different ways. Either eating a single bar completely to get a really large energy boost, to bring my concentration levels and alertness up immediately or by eating a quarter of a bar every few hours to have a sustained energy. Its hard to say how long the energy levels lasted but I want to say one full bar was good for at least 4 hours of energy.

Briskbars back

If you want to try out the Briskbars you can find their website here or you can pick up a sample pack on amazon. Definitely worth giving a shot if you want to add a new supplement to your line up and keep it with an organic profile that won’t ruin your overall diet.

The Briskbars contain 100mg of natural caffeine which is just enough for most people, as a heavy stim tolerant person this was surprising to me because I actually found the bar to be pretty effective. I have taken preworkouts with way more caffeine that could barely wake me up!

Let me know in the comments below if you try out these bars and what your impression was about them. Don’t forget to like and share this page with your other health food nuts and like minded friends.