The benefits of Beachbody coaching are plenty and great. Not only are you improving your personal health using a Beachbody program, you’re increasing your personal financial security as well as gaining a valuable tool to help other people (friends, family and even strangers) in the same way by being an Independent Beachbody coach.

Become a beachbody coach

A few questions people have about Beachbody Coaching:

Do you need to have completed a workout program to be a Coach? No! You can become a Beachbody coach from the moment you signup. Which is the best time to get started because you get immediate access to the 25% store discount.

Do I have to Coach people as a Beachbody Coach?

You aren’t obligated to personally help or coach other people once you  become an Independent Beachbody Coach. You can have the status of a Beachbody Coach for the 25% discount to the store and you have the option to refer people to your site if you want to earn commissions from them. But it’s purely optional!

What if I want to earn money as a Beachbody Coach?

Then you’re in the right place. When you become a Beachbody Coach not only do you get the benefits of a 25% discount to the store you earn 25% commission on any sales you get through your referral links. When you become a Coach you are assigned another Coach who can help you get started, there are a ton of easy to use tools and guides to help you get started as well

( Beachbody Coach compenstation guide | Beachbody Independent Coach Earnings )

What are do I need to do to become a  Beachbody Coach / How much does it cost to be a Beachbody Coach?

First you sign up here. The price of being a Beachbody coach is $39.99 to start (which includes the first month business fee, and a coach starter kit)and Each month you pay a monthly subscription of at least $15 (depending on your area.) to keep your coaching account active.

Become a beachbody coach

What are the benefits of being a Beachbody Coach?

25% store discount. 25% commission earned on each sale. Several personal prebuilt websites. No inventory, everything is shipped through Beachbody. The ability to make a team / downline which can earn you income over time. You also get paid weekly. You can also do the business anywhere, in person or online, that’s how easily you can access the tools.

Are there a lot of successful Beachbody Coaches?

There are at the moment of this post about 300,000 Beachbody Coaches. Ranging from people who just want the discount to high ranking coaches that are making a million dollars a year. There are even celebrities who have become Beachbody Coaches.

Why did you become a Beachbody Coach?

I initially became a Beachbody coach for the discount on the workout programs and because I liked the thought of being able to earn money whenever I wanted. As I lost about 160 pounds using Beachbody programs while playing World of Warcraft. and I talked nonstop about them to friends and family, everyone kept asking me what I was doing to lose weight.  That’s when I started sharing my transformation story and my links to the people that were interested. So not only was I getting in shape, I helped other people get onto the same programs I was doing and they also had success.


Will I earn a lot doing Beachbody Coaching?

This depends on the person. You can earn a little or a lot, depending on how much you’re going to do. If you want a few spare bucks to maybe pay off your cable bill or your cell phone, it’s pretty easy to do and I would be glad to tell you how I have done it. If you want to use Beachbody Coaching as a means to quit your job and be your own independent business owner then it’ll require some more thought and a lot of effort. But a lot of people have done it and so can you.

Become a beachbody coach

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