JerkyXP hit us with two bags (of my choice) of their delicious jerky. I’ll be honest I was going to do a video review or first impression of this but I barely had enough restraint to grab pictures, let alone make a video that isn’t filled with the sound of the Sarlacc devouring Boba Fett.

Source image from Star Wars Wikia


The victims? JerkyXP’s CinnaBacon and Spicy Beef Jerky.

JerkyXP Cinnabacon and Spicy Beef Jerky
JerkyXP paired up with my Logitech g430s and Razer Goliathus mouse pad.

I picked these to have a delicious contrast between sweet and spicy and to try both the bacon jerky and beef jerky. They came in nicely sealed bags to lock in the freshness in between snacking sessions assuming you don’t devour it all. Do note that some of the bags require refrigeration after opening. (Will a bag last that long? Doubtful.)


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First up was the Cinnabacon. Right away when you open the bag you get hit with a wave of sweet, sweet, candied bacon. The brown sugar and cinnamon combination paired with perfectly cooked bacon makes this for a succulent treat. It’s not overly sweet. I won’t lie, I was hoping for it to be the cinnamon toast crunch of bacon, but it got pretty close.20160123_200956

The bacon was the right amount of crispiness and chewy that I personally prefer. I shared this with some family members and they all liked it. I don’t remember how many pieces were in the bag but I had to fend it off. The jerky was mine. ALL MINE!  Well..what was left of it anyway.JerkyXP Cinnabacon


I then popped open the second bag. The Spicy Beef Jerky. Oh man. JerkyXP nailed this one. I was worried I was getting myself into trouble when I saw the meter at the top of the bag indicating how spicy it would be. Much to my surprise I got a mouthful of flavor and spices, with the right amount of heat. My mouth wasn’t on fire, but it had that perfect zing to it. Like the perfect cut of beef tossed with a lot of seasoning. Flavor town was here folks.

JerkyXP Spicy Beef Jerky
This picture doesn’t do it justice. Up close you can just see the flavor. MMPH.

This actually became my favorite out of the two flavors. I thought for sure the Cinnabacon would be the one I liked the most but I was dead wrong, it could not compete with the spicy beef jerky. The large chunks of beef jerky were just so zesty, and surprisingly soft. I regretted not going in for 2 bags of spicy, one was not enough. Let that be a lesson to you, get WAY more than you think you need.

I don’t have an official rating system but if I were to rate these on a scale out of 10. 10/10 for the Spicy Beef Jerky and 7 / 10 for the Cinnabacon. I would have liked the Cinnabacon to be a lot more sweet. Maybe to someone else this is the right amount but for me, I need more.  The Spicy Beef Jerky however was perfect to me in every way, the beef used was godly delicious and slow cooked, the spices was just this perfect blend, my mouth is watering thinking about its taste.


Jerky XP Logo_Red Flat_RGB

So for a Gaming Snack, JerkyXP is going on my list. The two flavors I got to try were awesome, and I cannot recommend it enough that you give them a try. I can definitely say I enjoyed their product more than the other brands of Beef Jerky I have tried. I won’t name any names but you know who you are.

I think ordering 5 bags or a variety pack would be the best for a first time order if you want to quickly find out which type is your favorite or going all in on one big order of a single flavor.


You can sign up on their site and earn points towards your order. They take credit card and paypal! You can also follow them and their CEO / Mascot on twitter: JerkyXP and JackTheCEO  where they engage with their fans and do giveaways regularly. Which is how I found out about them to begin with. It’s awesome to find a company like this coming out of Ohio.

I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by JerkyXP at the time of this post, but seriously, they know where to find me. If you pick up a bag of JerkyXP hit the comments below and tell me what your thoughts are on their product or hit me with a suggestion on my twitter for a flavor you think I should try whenever I get more.