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Briskbars Vegan Energy Bars Sample Review

I got some Briskbars over the week to sample and review, and much to my surprise they were pretty good! This energy bar comes in at a nice 100calories, with about …

Tip Tuesday – Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. It’s good for you

Sleep time is a prime time for your body to repair and grow. Yet most people don’t get enough sleep every night, either they stay up late watching Netflix and …

Want to try Shakeology? Grab a Shakeology sample pack!

Want to try Shakeology? Then Follow this link HERE to purchase your Shakeology Sample pack. This is a fantastic way to taste all of the Shakeology Flavors available and know which …

Vanilla Shakeology! It’s finally here!

You asked for here, and now here it is!  The long awaited and newest Shakeology flavor. Vanilla Shakeology It took Beachbody awhile to find a natural source of Vanilla, that was …

Are you getting enough of the D? Vitamin D that is.

You might be asking yourself, what are the benefits of Vitamin D and why you should be using it as a daily supplement, chances are you might be deficient or …


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