What if life was as easy as pressing the start button on a videogame?

It could be, if you thought of it in simple terms and small steps leading up to a bigger goal. For example If you wanted to change your health around today, you could start with something as simple as changing breakfast to Shakeology , eliminates the need to cook a breakfast or pour a bowl of cereal loaded with sugars that you do not need. or doing 10 minutes of physical activity, something to get your body moving first thing in the morning if you want to lose weight and gain better health.


Many of us want some great change in our life, more often than not we’re afraid to start because there is the possibility of failure othertimes its because we just don’t know where to begin or we are surrounded by negative influences of our daily life or people in our lives that don’t want to see you achieve more than them. As painful as it might be to admit it you can probably think of a couple of people who do not want you to succeed and are the first to point out when you fail to do something instead of encouraging you to try again.


What’s something you really want to change in your life? Your health? Your wealth? Maybe starting a hobby such as  learning a  new language or learning to play a guitar. What is something that you could start making one small change today on that would eventually get you to where you actually want to be or help you acquire a new skill?


The game of life is waiting for you to press start!


Take a moment to comment below about this Motivational Monday post and let me know about some of the things you want to start on!

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