Welcome back to another Motivational Monday!

You can’t hate Mondays if you make them work for you.

In the middle of my BodyBeast chest and triceps workout I figured I would put together just a few videos to help you get going this fine Monday morning. Inspiring videos work for everyone, it doesn’t matter what you’re going. Playing League of Legends and you’re having a bad luck streak and need some encouragement? These are great to stop you from being on tilt. Need help starting or continuing your fitness / workout program? Obviously these are the answers. Maybe just having some life trouble? You guessed it, it still works.


First up for Motivational Monday, the monster of a man, CT Fletcher.  It is impossible to not be inspired by his videos, he does cuss quite a bit so if you’re around children you may want to keep that in mind or viewing/listening to this at work. CT Fletcher’s “FUCK AVERAGE”


Up next for Motivational Monday is Brendon Burchard, motivational speaker and self help instructor, with several #1 best selling books (like The Charge). Maybe you need something this Monday to help you, let go and remember how to be Happy. Brendon Burchard’s “How to Be Happy – Secrets to Happiness”


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