This is asked a lot, what are 4 Fitness tips for beginners who are looking to lose weight or get healthier. So for this Motivational Monday to help you get started right read my 4 fitness tips for Beginners. So gamers listen up because being healthy is another key to owning people in your game of choice.


Fitness tips for Beginners #1: Cut the crap!Fitness tips for Beginners

Probably the best tip I can give to someone is to cut back on the soda/pop and decrease salt in take. This one goes double for Gamers, when you have drinks / energy drinks aimed at you via product placement like Call of Duty or something aimed at you for some sweet loot. The reasons for this is because most of these drinks come packed with up to 50 grams of sugars/carbs per serving and have up to 3 servings in a container. Something you will easily drink in one setting, think about it, that’s a hell of a lot of sugar.

Fitness tips for Beginners stay away from soda
yikes. 31grams per serving.

Salt on the other hand is good for your body but not in the amount that most American’s intake. So if you use regular table salt try switching it out for a coarse grindable sea salt or kosher salt, something that gives you the flavoring of salt but without requiring you to use as much and its easier to manage how much you’re applying to foods. This will help you decrease your overall sodium levels which is important if you’ve got high blood pressure.


Fitness tips for Beginners #2: Drink up!

Start drinking water. Lots of it. It won’t hurt you, I swear. Considering your body is mostly made up of water and its essential to most forms of life, you want to try and drink up to a gallon of water each day. Not only will drinking water decrease your food cravings, it’ll help your body and your mind. Chronically suffering headaches or fatigue/lack of energy? You might already be towards a stage of dehydration. I personally keep a few bottles of water on my desk or a jug so I can sip at water while i’m in the middle of a game. This doubles with the Fitness tip above, it can replace your soda fix.


Fitness tips for Beginners drink water


Fitness tips for Beginners #3: Eat more protein!

Protein is awesome, everyone loves it. Juicy hamburger? Protein. Chicken? Also a Protein.  The thing is most people don’t get enough of it daily in their diet. There are plenty of ways to get it, healthy cuts of meat, chicken, fish even some vegan options are packed with it and of course meal replacement shakes/protein shakes. It helps with not only muscle building but making sure your muscle doesn’t break down which can happen in a diet that doesn’t involve enough protein. When it comes with weight loss, some body types really thrive on a high protein diet and can see immediate weight loss just from increasing how much they eat. How much protein you need to eat depends on your body, and your size, so go look it up and get to eating.

Fitness tips for Beginners This is my meal replacement Shake. Definitely recommend it, click the picture to grab some for yourself.
This is my meal replacement Shake. Definitely recommend it, click the picture to grab some for yourself.

Fitness tips for Beginners #4: Get active!!

Get active! Doesn’t matter if it’s just taking a walk around the block or getting up from your chair for 15-20 minutes. Starting out fitness can be a bit tough for some people but its okay to start small. More so if you spend a lot of time sitting around, you really want to stretch your body out and move around every hour. And it’s alright if you start a new fitness program or routine (Check my shop) and you can only do 5 or 10 minutes of it, just start moving. Try to add a minute each time you do it and in no time you’ll be doing 30 minutes or a hour without any effort at all and you’ll be really glad you did.

Gotta go fast!
Gotta go fast!


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