League of Legends is the most popular MOBA on the market right now. Maybe you’ve heard a friend or someone at school or at a store mention League of Legends and you’re looking to get in on the action but you have no idea where to start. Let me help you out with a few tips for League of Legends Beginners.

First step get an account for League of Legends HERE  this link is for the North American client if you’re visiting the site from somewhere else you’ll have to switch the location in the top right OR you could still make a North American client but your ping might not be very good depending on where you’re located. After you do that download the client. Think up a ingame “Summoner” name. This is what you’ll be known as in the game. It’s separate from your account name, so consider it like a character name. You can change it in game for RP (Riot Points) which cost real money to purchase or IP ( Influence Points ) which is free but you earn it from playing games, it takes a lot of IP to name change so its best to have your right name from the start.

You’ll get a screen asking you how familiar you are with MOBAs, pretty straight forward pick whicever suits you. The game will offer you to do the tutorial, this is up to you, it will walk you through a few of the basic things but outside of that it’s not very good.

Ok, you’ve made it now you’re ready for some League of Legends beginner tips!


League of Legends Beginners tip #1: Play against Bots!

league of legends beginners tip

Play Co-op vs AI Intro, Beginner and or Intermediate. This is a mode where you will play with 4 other players of a similar level against 5 NPCs (Randomly selected). Now you only have a limited pool of free “Champions”, which is what the characters in League of Legends are referred as. Don’t worry about this, you can buy more with IP and RP. Pick a champion that looks interesting to you and jump into the bot  game, have some fun with it, try and get used to right clicking around the map to move. You’ll want to play against bots for the first 10 levels at least but its honestly fine to play bots all the way up to level 30 if you choose. It’s very good practice.


League of Legends Beginners tip #2: Save, save, save!

Save your IP! This is a really important tip for new players, a lot of new players will waste their IP on tier 1 and tier 2 runes, and they are useless. You want to hold onto all of your IP until you reach level 20 – at level 20 you can buy Tier 3 runes, which is what you will be using for the rest of your League of Legends career. You can spend IP on champions if you want keep in mind, you want to collect around 21k IP by time you reach level 20 so you can fill out 1 or 2 rune pages completely. Don’t worry you aren’t limited to just 2 rune pages you can buy more at any time.

league of legends beginners tip 2 runes

League of Legends Beginners tip #3: Pick something that suits you.

league of legends beginners tip champsPick a champion that you feel suits your play style, this is a bit tricky because there are well over 100+ champions at this moment in League of Legends. You have auto attacking melee, ranged champions and magic dealing champions with all sorts of different abilities. Every week League of Legends rotates the free champion pool so you can try out new stuff without paying for it. It’s perfectly fine to stick with a few champions and to get comfortable on them before going to other ones. To quickly learn Champions and try them out and to play against players in the process you can go into the ARAM (All Random All Mid) game mode, and you’ll be on a single lane map against another team of players who all got random champions that they may or may not be good with. This not only lets you play champs you might not want to play it lets you learn how to play them and against them at the same time. Try to have fun here! Use it as a learning experience as you get better at the game.

League of Legends Beginners tip #4: Learn the hot keys!

There are a lot of useful key commands to learn in League of Legends. Here are some of the more important ones for a beginner. Press S to stop your Champion from auto attacking, this is great for last hitting a minion. Which is something you want to be good at because everytime you last hit a minion (or Creep) you will get gold. Last hitting is killing a minion/creep with almost no health, you have to time it right or it’ll die to a tower or your own minions and then you only get the experience for being next to it. The next important command is the hotkeys to issue pings, which allow you to communicate to your team that something is happening. Warn of a gank, tell them where to go, request assistance etc. Hold ctrl or alt and left mouse click and drag to bring up the ping menu wheel.


League of Legends Beginners tip #5: Learn from other players!

Another helpful tip for beginners is to learn from either pro players or their friends or someone that streams the game. You can catch me playing league on my twitch channel here from time to time.

But for more in depth guides you’ll want to check out probuilds.net and http://www.lolking.net/ all you do is enter in the champions name and click the guide button and look for anyone with a lolking score above 2000 and read their opinion on how to play the champion you’re interested in or see how a pro builds a champion to get a general ideal of what is an optimal build path. BUT as you become better at the game you will learn what works best for you, and it might not be what someone else uses.

Good Luck.

Hopefully this helps any new players out there get a strong start in the game, remember, have fun in the game as best as you can. Don’t terrorize your teammates, try to learn and play to the best of your ability. If you enjoyed my post, like it and share it, follow me on one of my other sites and drop a comment below if you have any questions or want me to write more League of Legends beginner tips/videos.