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Free League of Legends Skins – How to get free skins for Garen, Alistar and Tristana

Free League of Legends skins ¬†are always great, so here’s how you can get your hand on these 3 free skins and all it requires is a bit of social …

League of Legends Beginners tips to help you learn League of Legends

League of Legends is the most popular MOBA on the market right now. Maybe you’ve heard a friend or someone at school or at a store mention League of Legends …

Gum for Gamers?? 8-12hz Gaming Gum review!

  I scored a box of 8-12Hz Gaming Gum from a Twitter give-away a few weeks back. So I thought I would do a review on it, as a reminder …

Get ripped or Get big with the Focus T25 / BodyBeast Challenge Group

JackedGamer is starting a Focus T25 and BodyBeast transformation challenge group for those interested in both growing nice huge sexy muscles and or looking to increase their speed and agility …


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