Free League of Legends skins  are always great, so here’s how you can get your hand on these 3 free skins and all it requires is a bit of social media interaction. Not too bad for a Free league of legends skins and their corresponding champion. If you don’t already have a League of Legends account click here and download the game first.

After you’ve gotten your codes, you’ll need to log into League of legends, hit the orange shop icon, then click on codes, then copy and paste whichever skin code you got into the box and hit submit. It’ll take a moment, then it’ll pop open a screen that shows you the champion and skin claimed. Pretty easy!Free League of Legends skins (2)


The first free League of Legends skin requires you to have a facebook account, most people have one, they may or may not use it but this is pretty simple and doing this will give you Tristana and her Riot Girl Tristana skin. Click here to go to Riot’s League of Legends Facebook page, like the page and click your region.


Free League of Legends Skin #1: Riot Girl Tristana

Free League of Legends skins



Free League of Legends Skin #2: Unchained Alistar

Okay for the Unchained Alistar skin you’re going to require a Youtube account, this one is also straight forward you login with your league account, then link it with your youtube account by subscribing to Riot’s youtube account. The link is here.

free league of legends skin alistar



Free League of Legends Skin #3: Dreadknight Garen

For this free skin it requires you to have a Twitter account. You just need to follow Riot’s League of Legends twitter and click the button to get your skin code. You can find the link for Dread Knight Garen here.


Free League of Legends skins Dreadknight Garen(3)


There you go, you now have 3 free League of Legends skins and 3 free champions and it only required a little bit of social media that you may never use again. You saved yourself a bit of IP, and RP for skins you likely wouldn’t buy anyway but who doesn’t love free stuff?

Make sure you like, and share this page with your friends so they get some free league of legends skins and champs as well, drop a comment below if this post helped you out.