JackedGamer is starting a Focus T25 and BodyBeast transformation challenge group for those interested in both growing nice huge sexy muscles and or looking to increase their speed and agility and cut their bodyfat and weight down. I will be going through both of the workouts at the same time however for a real challenge. Bodybeast will be providing me with all the deliciously fun in home heavy weight lifting that I love so much, while Shaun T’s Focus T25 will bring in intense but short 25 minute cardio sessions each day that will bring up to 600 calories burned. I absolutely hate cardio to be honest but I love me some Shaun T as his workouts are always fun yet challenging I don’t get bored when I put in the DVD. Short and intense cardio with a major calorie burn? Yes please. By all means, someone else can spend a hour on a treadmill to burn 500 calories, I’ll be doing that in 25 minutes and am free to jump on some motivational reading or maybe play another ranked game in League of Legends.

Focus T25 and Body Beast challenge packs

A challenge pack includes one workout, a bag of Shakeology (BodyBeast comes with a supplement stack instead), free shipping and a free club membership which has some nice perks. ¬†Both BodyBeast and Focus T25 workout program comes with their own nutrition plan / meal planner as well as a workout Schedule / Book (So you can take your workout to the gym and do it if you want/ don’t have the equipment at home) and calipers to find body fat %. So you have everything you need as soon as your order arrives.


Choose your weapon and let the games begin.

Order Focus T25

I plan to be following my own custom meal plan for weight loss for my body size, as well as strength gains. I’d be happy to share it with anyone in the Challenge Group that wants to follow it or help them adjust the meal plans provided with their workouts to something they really enjoy and can stick with. These aren’t temporary adjustments, once you’ve committed to it, you will be making healthy choices that will stick with you when you eat. Which is the main secret to losing weight and keeping the weight off or to properly build muscle if you’re a hard gainer / Ectomorph¬†body type.
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