Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 2014! Now you may or may not be like everyone else with a desire to get into better shape trying a new workout  as a New Year resolution, which isn’t a problem at all, but you have to keep in mind even if this is just the start. For the best results of any new fitness program, you must dedicate yourself to a full 3 months at least to see any major changes in your body and your general health. Don’t waste your time with a expensive gym membership you will never use, I have several great programs to meet most of anyone’s needs and they can all be done from the comfort of your own home and I can guarantee their results. Having lost 180lbs myself with workouts like these, I know they work, and I will even help you along the way because when you sign up and get a program from my site, I become your personal coach and adviser. So onto my recommended programs below.


P90x3 is what I consider the all around workout to help you lose weight, build muscle and get done with your workout FAST. Howfast? In as little as 30 minutes each day. Tony Horton has come back to kick your ass once again, and this workout has a mixture of everything, weight lifting, pushups, pullups, body weight exercises, yoga and its designed to make you burn serious calories upwards to 600 calories if you bring it hard in that half hour. You can fit P90x3 in before work, after school, anywhere you have time. 30 minutes of your time and you’re one step closer to your goal of a better you. This is currently the #1 recommended workout from me. This will get your new year resolution going strong. P90x3 recommended for: strength/muscle gain, fat loss, endurance





Insanity is my recommended workout for extreme calorie burning, fat melting cardio. Developed by Shaun T, Insanity uses nothing but High Intensity Interval Training techniques and your own body weight to leave you drenched in sweat. This workout is no joke! A strong dedication is required to finish this program, if you can do it, you will easily drop 40lbs before the program is over. This is a great fitness workout for anyone that needs additional cardio or just wants to focus on weight loss /fat loss. It is also a great training workout for any runners trying to build endurance.  Insanity is recommended for: Fat loss, Endurance

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BodyBeast workout kit

BodyBeast is the workout you want to do when you want to get Hulk like muscles. It can be used to lose weight as well as gain muscle but its primary focus is on getting you big, lean and sexy. Men and Women, Bodybeast is great for anyone looking to pack on solid muscle. If you love just lifting weights, this is my recommended workout for you. Sagi takes you through his intense training methods to force your muscles to grow. If you’re a hard gainer (unable to put on muscle regardless of what you do) Bodybeast is the workout you want. You can gain up to 20lbs of muscle from BodyBeast. Also, Ladies, do not be afraid of this program, building muscle is sexy, it makes your body burn fat even more effiecently and no you will not look like extreme female bodybuilder from lifting weights. Lifting weights is something most girls overlook and it is one of the greatest things that will change your body.  Bodybeast is recommended for: Muscle gain/strength gain, fat loss, hard gainers

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Tai Cheng workout

Tai Cheng is based off of Tai Chi and training technique’s of Dr. Mark Cheng using his method of Dynamic Motion Control. Tai Cheng program is wonderful for someone that needs a light impact workout, when they can’t train intensely and need to rehab their body. The benefits of this program is numerous, as you will reset your posture and make your body work and flow better and bring about a natural body relief from pain. If you’ve been injured or your body just feels overly tight and it always feels ragged and torn down, Tai Cheng is the program you want. There’s no point of looking sexy, if you can’t even move your body properly. Tai Cheng is recommended for: rehab, posture, endurance, pain relief, agility, mobility, stress relief

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