I scored a box of 8-12Hz Gaming Gum from a Twitter give-away a few weeks back. So I thought I would do a review on it, as a reminder at this point in time I am not sponsored by them and wasn’t paid anything to review the gum.

8-12hz gaming gum

A pack of 8-12hz gum hanging out on my Razer Goliathus Mouse pad inbetween my Razer Tiamat 2.2 headphones and my Razer Taipan. Can’t be a real PC gamer without some high end equipment, right?


8-12hz gaming gum

 Inside of the package of 8-12hz  gum, you get a brief introduction to the gum and its uses as well as instructions on how to get the best effectiveness out of the gum.


8-12hz gaming gumThere are only 2 pieces per pack. I assume the large 24-48 serving boxes have all 4 slots filled with gum but for the standard 12 serving box, this is all you get.


I tested the gum out under several different conditions to see just how effective it really was. First test was when I took the recommended 2 pieces of the 8-12hz gum during a time when I was feeling pretty tired, within about 15 minutes I felt myself wake up and become alert, relaxed but alert, I started to work on a few projects I had been putting off. The effects of the gum are immediately noticeable from the first bite into the gum with the refreshing mint tast up until I felt it kick in.

It gives a calming, cool feeling, thoughts seem to slow down and the unimportant ones filtered themselves out of my head. Not bad, this will definitely work for someone who needs to study or has to concentrate on a single task or maybe someone suffering from ADD/ADHD.

The second experiment was when I tried it during a time of “stress”. Any one that plays League of Legends knows full well the horrors of playing the competitive Ranked mode. From trolls to raging players to afkers that do ruin the experience of an otherwise enjoyable game. (Sometimes. Fix your damn servers Riot!) Feeling rather irritable, which can happen when you deal with the really toxic community in League of Legends. I snacked on two pieces of the 8-12hz gum at the start of the match by time the 10 minute mark had hit, I felt relieved, I was focused on the game, I was making calculated plays without actively thinking about it. I was in one form of my gaming zones(I have several different gaming zones, I don’t know about everyone else.).

League of Legends Ranked Syndra Janna

The lost games overall were still frustrating games but in true fashion of league of legends ranked play, the main thing you do is focus on your own playing, winning your lane, taking objectives and not feeding. On the 8-12hz gaming gum I was capable of playing in a calm and collected manner through most of the games, I easily assessed my mistakes as they happened and after they happened and didn’t give into the stupidity of my teammates. I even managed to Laugh more despite losing my LP in some of the games. I would call that a win. Just relieving the stress from playing that game mode alone makes the gum great.

I tried the 8-12hz gum for exercise as well. Now, I have a high tolerance to stimulants. As someone who regularly takes a preworkout, I was curious to see if the gum would give me enough energy and focus to really dig into my p90x workout. I wasn’t as energized as I would be on a caffeine based supplement but I was alert, I was able to complete my workout but overall it isn’t something I would use as a supplement to boost exercise performance at least for me it wasn’t strong enough to give me the drive I desire when I workout.

I gave my brother several packs to try out and he had a very positive result to them as well, he felt dialed into whatever he was doing at the time. very focused and alert. So this gum definitely delivers. The Ashwagandha (KSM-66) and L-theanine compounds in gum form are a solid blend. For more information on the Ingredients check out Effective’s page.

The price of the gum is kind of high but it is definitely worth getting a box to experience it for yourself. I will definitely keep my eyes out on competitive gamers that get picked up and sponsored to use 8-12hz gum.



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