Kerbal Space Program game

Maybe you’ve heard about it but if you have not Kerbal Space Program is a neat little game, somewhere along the alpha/beta stages of development  Your mission? Try not to explode in a blaze of glory! But seriously you can put together your own rocket, launch into orbit and put up a space station if you really wanted to and even make your way to the “Mun” (Moon) and land on the planet assuming you don’t fail reentry and blow up. This is a sandbox style game, so if you are into things like Minecraft or legos or destruction you don’t want to miss out on playing this at least once. You can check it out over at where they have early stages of the game up for free.

As you can see from my video above I selected a handful of my “best” moments in the Kerbal Space Program game. This game is pretty addictive if you love space or maybe just enjoy explosions when you or your friends fail at successfully launching into space. My only complaints about the game thus far is the lack of predesigned content available to the player however they have a very strong modding community, we can only hope they add more content to the main game as they get along the stages of development  I would really love to see more customization when it comes to designing the overall space craft themselves. This is a game I will keep an eye and I recommend you do the same, I can see myself buying this game, maybe even gifting a copy to a friend once it is further along.


If there is any game you want to check out, drop a comment below and let me know what you would like to see me play or give an opinion on and maybe record for youtube.