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Ahh feels nice. Day 4 of chocolate Shakeology: Major difference for me being on Shakeology is my digestion becomes infinitely more easier than without it. Normally for me, which I have attributed to being over weight is my body has a hard time processing things. however with Shakeology in my system, not only am I regularly having to use the bathroom my stomach as a whole, feels more alive and breaking down foods. Like it’s actually working like it’s supposed to be and it isn’t  gummed up with junk and just broken. As a gamer I tend to like easy and quick options, and making a Shakeology shake only takes me about a minute to do. One minute, I have a meal consumed, I am getting all the nutrition I need. I can go right back to what I am doing without missing a beat. I think I am down about 2 pounds as well. Man,  I wish I had this when I was raiding in World Of Warcraft.

farmin Lady Vashj
farmin Lady Vashj

The human body is an amazing machine and a lot of the time it is slowed and halted by the processed bullshit we have eaten growing up, we have one of the most amazing working bodily system and when it’s fed crap, it runs like crap. much like using really shitty fuel in a high performance racing car or tires and parts that can’t support a supercharged engine.  What’s the point of having that car when you’re going to run it into the ground like it cost $2 piece of junk? I’m not gonna say don’t enjoy a pizza, or a doughnut here and there, because I’d be lying to say I am not going to do the same at some point. There are healthier ways to do it, and there are quick ways to do it.


pepperoni and sausage pizza
Definitely not good for your diet 😉 but delicious

It’s just more often than not once you started treating your body with good foods. Good and clean nutrition choices, regular exercise and yoga, and you start feeding it things that it can really use and function with you will notice such a dramatic increase in performance that you won’t want to go back to a lot of those other things.  That’s all part of breaking the cycle of bad food choices, because they are addicting. That’s why if you manage to change your eating habits for at least 30 days, slowly or cold turkey if you can handle the pressure, you are less likely to go back to how you were eating for most of the things. Even if it’s just replacing one meal out of your daily eating. If there was one change  in your diet I highly suggest you make, it’s adding Shakeology, as either breakfast or the last meal you have, it will help you feel full, it will reduce your cravings and it is delicious. It cannot be anymore simple.

Give it a try.

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