You asked for here, and now here it is!  The long awaited and newest Shakeology flavor. Vanilla Shakeology It took Beachbody awhile to find a natural source of Vanilla, that was up to the high quality set for Shakeology ingredients, but now it is available and it is delicious. Vanilla Shakeology is probably the best tasting Shakeology yet. I am normally not a fan of Vanilla either, so that says a lot when I prefer it to Chocolate Shakeology.



Like a french vanilla bean taste, Vanillia Shakeology is something you have to try this yourself to be amazed that a meal replacement shake could be this good and this nutritious.  Boasting up to 70 different healthy ingredients and Super Food ingredients thatr you can’t get in most stores, and even if you could find them, they would be very expensive and near impossible to blend into something that didn’t taste like dirt.

One Shakeology a day is all you need to start improving your health, and eventually it will help you lose weight, increase your energy and make your insides run smoothly. Think of it as a P90x for the inside of your body, cleansing and refreshing, giving you energy and helping your body better absorb nutrients from your daily foods.BOOM there it is

This is the newest Shakeology, and it probably will not be the last flavor they introduce to this awesome brand. There are currently 4 Flavors available. Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry, Greenberry and now Vanilla Shakeology with a few of the flavors having optional vegan protein sources for those that can’t have dairy. Each Shakeology is available with free monthly shipping if you order it on Home Direct, which also will net you a pair of shakeology workouts and a shaker bottle after 2 months. You can also get Shakeology bundled with a workout like P90x or T25 or Insanity with one of the challenge packs, which will save you money overall, you can find a link of that HERE

If you are more curious about what source of Vanilla they’re using for Vanilla Shakeology check out this video below, that shows one of the Co-creators of Shakeology hunting down a pure source of vanilla that meets the standards of Beachbody.


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