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Vanilla Shakeology! It’s finally here!

You asked for here, and now here it is!  The long awaited and newest Shakeology flavor. Vanilla Shakeology It took Beachbody awhile to find a natural source of Vanilla, that was …

It’s time to get METAL! Brutal Legend play through.

Brutal Legend has been a console exclusive for a few years now but it has finally arrived on the PC! As a guitar player and a gamer. This game is …

The benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated

Water is a requirement of life! Many people looking to lose weight do not drink enough water daily and remain dehydrated, opting instead for a sugary and calorie filled beverage. …

Shakeology the healthiest meal replacement shake, just one shake a day to improve your health.

Let’s talk about Beachbody’s amazing meal replacement shake. Shakeology – The healthiest meal of the day. This is not your regular protein shake mix from GNC or some Mona Vie product or …

Game play: Kerbal Space Program or how not to launch a rocket into space.

Maybe you’ve heard about it but if you have not Kerbal Space Program is a neat little game, somewhere along the alpha/beta stages of development  Your mission? Try not to explode …

Jacked Gamer – Fitness and Gaming combined. Welcome to the next level!

Welcome to Jacked Gamer.com! Over the coming months I will be adding post to Jacked Gamer about Fitness and Gaming combined! I will help YOU and other people get into …


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