Welcome to another Steam game giveaway! This time we have the delightfully fun game, Surgeon Simulator 2013. Ready for your malpractice lawsuits? Don’t worry, they can only sue if they survive surgery! (What do you mean they’re supposed to survive? NURSE, get this man out of my office.)


The main goal of Surgeon Simulator 2013 is to operate, like a pro, removing various portions of the victim’s innards. Errr by victim’s I of course mean patients and make them all better. I’ll be honest however, this is like QWOP Surgery. Hilarious and frustrating at the same time trying to work your fingers/hand can lead to some interesting outcomes, definitely has a high replay value in my opinion.



Follow the giveaway stuff below for your chance to win the copy of Surgeon Simulator 2013 for Steam!

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