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HeartStone: Heroes of Warcraft is Blizzard’s latest craze. A free to play digital/virtual card game based around Warcraft lore and characters. Sort of like Magic The Gathering. You’ll have a pretty big list of Warcraft heroes when you’re building decks to wipe your friend’s out.

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So if you’re ready to your cards down on the table like a Yu-Gi-Oh rerun, this game will surely interest you. If you’ve never played a card game before, it seems to be easy to pickup, so give it a chance. If you’re already playing World Of Warcraft, why not?

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Hopefully Blizzard links the game with their MMORPG, much like the late Star Wars Galaxies did with its trading card game, allowing you to play the card game within the client, so you could play a game while you waited for friends or when you were bored and wanted to sit in town selling stuff at the auction house.


I haven’t gotten a chance to play the beta just yet, still waiting for a beta key email to pop up. While being hopeful that someone at Blizzard decides they want to give me a handful of Hearthstone Beta keys so I can do a few giveaways and actually have a review of the game to put up. Which would be totally awesome of course for both me and you guys out there reading this.

HearthStone is free to play (which is always great) but if you want to increase your cards, maybe get some of that rare loot, you’ve got to buy booster packs and hope you’re lucky enough to walk away with some pretty purple epics.

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If you want to sign up here’s the URL: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/ and here’s a facebook entry form https://www.facebook.com/PlayHearthstone/app_198113023690112 and a list of fansites you can check out for beta giveaways